Being Disruptive in the Benefit Industry

Being Disruptive in the Benefit Industry

By definition, Disruptive means “causing or tending to cause disruption” but in business it generally refers to “innovative or ground breaking”.  My 10 year son being disruptive in his classroom is not encouraged but in the business world, it takes guts to be a trailblazer.  Also, if you’re successful then the masses will follow. “Disruptive” and “the Benefit Industry” are … Read More

Benefit Advisor Fee Transparency

Benefit Advisor Fee Transparency

I get it that doing the right thing doesn’t always yield you the largest compensation but it will yield you dividends for years down the road.  In the benefit industry, the income of brokers comes largely from annuity business.  Keeping your customer happy doesn’t always mean making your windfall today.  That’s why it’s important to understand about doing the right … Read More

9 Clear Signs You Should Be Firing Benefit Advisors

firing your benefit advisor

It ceases to amaze me that in this day and age that some benefit advisors still have clients or are holding onto their clients using the same approach that they’ve used for the past decade or longer.  So when is it that you should look at changing benefit advisors? A case in point.  I had a meeting with a new … Read More

The 11 Key Roles of The Benefit Advisor

Role of the benefit advisor

I experienced something in the last few days that embarrassed me as a Benefit Advisor.  As much as there are many credible professionals within the benefit business, there are more than our fair share of brokers/advisors that are greedy, lazy and bring no value to their clients.  Like in any industry, there will always be a few bad eggs.  So what … Read More

The 9 Questions To Ask Your Employee Benefit Company

Employee Benefit Company

If you’ve been tasked to investigate setting up a new employee benefit plan for your company, you will be overwhelmed by options.  The process can be daunting and the consequences can be dire.  Most benefit consultants will push you towards an Insured plan but you have options. There are many more questions to ask when implementing a benefit plan but … Read More